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Lemony Pork Ribs

I love making ribs for dinner because they’re always a crowd pleaser and super easy. I go with the low and slow cooking method. Choose your preference of ribs (I usually choose spareribs or baby back ribs depending on what we have in stock, or by the size of slab I need verses the amount of people I am feeding). Lay out on a clean surface. First I use a large sheet of Reynolds Pitmaster tin foil (I like have a durable sheet that isn’t too flimsy), lay the ribs front side down and season heavily with Kenny’s Seasonings and McCormick Seasonings lemon pepper seasoning, flip the rack and repeat on the other side.

Make sure the underside of the ribs are facing downward and fold your foil around the ribs in a packet. I then place my ribs on a foil lined cookie sheet or sometimes, like today I placed them in a foil pan. Place the ribs in an oven set at 275 degrees for 3-3.5 hours depending on the size of rack. (You can check at three hours and if they aren’t quite falling off the bone, wrap them back up and bake for 30 more minutes and check again. Serve with your favorite BBQ sauce like Head Country BBQ sauce and your favorite sides. A nice easy dish that your family will love! #thegrocerygal #grocerygalkitchen #domesticdiva #kennysseasonings #headcountrybbq #lowandslow #easyfamilymeals

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