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Date Night In Done Right: Beef Tomahawk Steak

A date night at home can be just as wonderful as going out. During this time where so many people are once again feeling anxious about being out in public. Let me share with ya’ll how we did a date night/celebratory dinner at home this pst summer. My guy passed his Orthodontic boards and it called for a celebration since he flew home for the 4th of July from his residency in Colorado. I decided to bring home a special cut of meat that is gaining popularity at many specialty meat markets, since we are cutting our own locally produced beef from the Stuart Ranch Meat Company at Walters Hometown Grocery our butchers have the options of cutting some specialty cuts. Tomahawk Steaks are a very thick cut (at least two inches thick, but ours was closer to 3.5) of a bone in Ribeye. It can also be called a Cowboy Steak, Bone-in Ribeye, or Tomahawk Chop. Our butcher, Hunter knew we were celebrating Boards results and he suggested a Tomahawk Steak and cut me one for the weekend.

To start, make sure your grill is preheated and your grates are clean. Season your steak very liberally, these steaks are so thick that you must apply more seasoning than you normally would. I used my go to Original Kenny's Allpurpose Seasoning and applied to the top, bottom and sides of the steak. While my grill preheated and I seasoned steak we snacked on a wonderful “Date Night” charcuterie box from Delectable EnDeavours with a glass of celebratory Pinot Noir. I have to brag on our Date Night box, it was AMAZING. I think my favorite part was the Gouda Pimento Cheese. This box is perfect for a simple meal on its own but we chose to snack on it while we cooked and then again when we cleaned up. Make sure you check out my sweet Megan’s Delectable EnDeavours page on Favebook and Instagram for all her treats and her order updates. She has a Valentine’s Date Night box that I know we will be taking part in!!!

Once the grill was pre-heated, we made sure the heat was on high and transferred our steak to the grill. With your grill turned to high heat, use an internal heat thermometer to measure the temperature until reaching the temperature for medium-rare steak which is about 130-135-degrees Fahrenheit. Your meat thermometer will most likely have those heat measurements displayed on it like mine does. Make sure you flip your steak over every few-5 minutes or so. When our steak reached 130 degrees, we took it off the grill, wrapped it in foil and let it ready for about 5-10 minutes. Our steak ended up between Medium Rare- Medium but we like anything in that spectrum. However we decided we would probably pull it off at about 128 degrees next time and wrap in foil to finish so we would be at more of a true Medium Rare finish. I paired our steak with my brussel sprouts (I’ll share that recipe at a later date) and we were set for a perfect date night at home. If you’re interested in a specialty cut of meat and you are in our local areas please talk to our butchers at Shelton's Grocery in Waurika it Walters Hometown Grocery in Walters and they can get you set up with a specialty cut of our featured Stuart Ranch Meat Company Beef that is raised locally in Waurika Oklahoma.

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