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Jessica Robertson’s Award Winning Pumpkin Chili... add beans.

When it is cool in Oklahoma I absolutely crave Chili. Last year, during the pandemic shopping marathon I made it my mission to make sure my work group ate at least one square meal suring the day and I came across this recope and I couldnt kot give it a whirl. I was so intrigued by one ingredient... PUMPKIN!!!!! In chili??? I couldn’t imagine but I knew I had to try. I made my own version of Jessica Robertson’s (yes, that Jess married to Jep of Duck Dynasty) award winning chili! You can find the recipe on her website, I’ll link it below, but here’s what I added or did differently... for me, chili isn’t chili without beans.

I know this is a big debate among Oklahomans but I fall on the side of Chili has to have beans... unless its topping hotdogs, then absolutley no beans. I added two cans of seasoned pinto beans, drained and rinsed, one extra can of Hot Rotel, and I subbed the creole spices for my favorite Kenny’s Cajun Seasoning (regular Cajun/hot). Follow her recipe but please trust me and give this a try, I promise... it’s absolutely delicious and worth a turn in your kitchen.

For Jess‘s recipe please go to

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