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Walkin' {tall} Tacos

Walkin' Tacos are no fancy schmancy dinner dish but they are delicious and perfect for those baseball practice nights. My little guy has started up Coach Pitch practice and football practice this past week so I was reaching in my quick dinner idea bag and I decided to

make these. In a pinch they’re super delicious and packed full of flavor. The secret to making your kids fall in love with them is at the very end 😉🤫. Here we go... quick weeknight dinner dish coming right up. 1. Brown two pounds of hamburger (I make a big batch so we can eat as a second full meal later in the week especially if it’s a week with lots of games or practice). 2. Drain and remove any excess grease from cooking. I was so excited that my pan had very little grease after cooking. I am LOVING our Oklahoma Raised Beef we have at both of our grocery stores. It cooks beautifully and is so lean. 3. Add two packets of @mccormickspice taco seasoning, one can of @bushsbeans pinto beans, one can of @oldelpaso green chiles and one can of @roteltomatoes. Add the recommended amount of water on the taco seasoning packet. Mix well to combine! 4. Simmer on low for 20 minutes. 5. Add @fritolay chili cheese Fritos to a bowl and add your favorite taco toppings. We chose lettuce, diced tomato, sliced jalapeños, @pacepicanteofficial picante sauce, @borden_cheese shredded cheese, and a dollop of @daisysourcream. Now for the secret to making your@kids go CRAZY 🤪 for walkin’ tacos.... get mini bags of Fritos, add your meat and taco toppings and let them eat straight from the Frito bag! They love it... let’s them feel a little rebellious, they might even ask for seconds just to feel like they’re breaking the rules even more! 🤣 #Thegrocerygal#walkintacos#dollopofdaisy#fritolay#oklahomagrownbeef#shoplocal#eatlocal#waltershometowngrocery#sheltonsgrocery#waurikaoklahoma#waltershometowngrocery#waltersoklahoma#buyourbeef#keepitlocalok

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11 sept 2020

My grandkids love when I do walking tacos with them

Me gusta
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