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Spicy Brisket and Veggies

After perusing pinterest and several cook books for awhile for a Spicy Brisket recipe, I threw together a few different ones and this is what I came up with when I’m feeling the need for something a little more jazzed up than my regular brisket recipe. If you’re not a novice around the kitchen, I encourage you to come up with recipes on your own. When you know your core ingredients then you can always fall back on your knowledge for cooking times and such. Now, back to the brisket.

Sear your brisket on both sides in a large pan and transfer to your chosen bakeware (I used my Lodge Castiron Dutch oven). Then sauté your chosen veggies, I used what was pictured and last minute added green and red bell peppers to the mix. Once veggies are soft, mix in your chipotle peppers (you could use jalapeños as well, I love the smokey flavor of Chipotle peppers with adobo sauce, I also use these in my pulled pork), two cans of spicy tomato sauce, half a small can of tomato paste and combine well. Remove from heat and add to bakeware.

Pour three cups of beef broth (this would also be a good point to add some dry red wine to cook, if you do just subtract it from the beef broth), cover with your lid or foil then bake at 275 degrees (1 hour and fifteen minutes per pound of your brisket). I serve with mashed potatoes and a fresh salad. We’ll usually have it for brisket tacos as a second meal. If you can’t tell... tacos are my very favorite way to jazz up leftovers! Do you enjoy cooking multipurpose type meals that last a few days? What are some of your favorites... I’m always looking for ideas. #thegrocerygal #sundaybrisket #frommykitchentoyours #shoplocal

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