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I’ve never met a Rueben I didn’t like.

I dont know about you, but I have to admit... some of my very favorite foods are sandwiches. Since I was a little girl, I have LOVED every Rueben sandwich I have ever come across. (Thanks Dad). For the times I choose to cook my own Corned beef instead of opting for deli sliced this is what I do.

I cook our corned beef brisket in my Ninja Kitchen pressure cooker on high for forty five minutes. Add one cup of water before you cook and once finished let the steam release naturally. In my experience, using using quick release often dries out the meat considerably. Once removed, I chop the corned beef against the grain. Cutting against the grain is very important. This ensures that your corned beef is nice and tender and not a stringy texture. This is a great item to make the day before and after chopped finely and stored in the refrigerator until ready for use. I always put it back in my Ninja on the warm function to heat it back up.

To assemble, combine your preference of sauerkraut, I use Clausen and thousand island dressing, butter and toast some rye bread in your oven set to 425 degrees Farienheit. Once Rye bread is toasted assemble your sandwich, sauerkraut mixture on one side, corned beef topped with a slice of Swiss cheese then put back in your oven to melt the cheese, once melted put slices together and enjoy!!!

(I failed to take an assembled picture because I was starving. At the point when this recipe was originally posted work had been so busy with pandemic shopping and I had been famished!) I hope you enjoy this easy but crowd pleasing dish! How do you like to eat corned beef?

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