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Family Meals Month: Cooking with Drew

Introducing Drew’s cooking show! Come master the art of scrambled eggs with one of the cutest little chef’s around. Part of staying strong with family meals is being together in a meaningful way that encourages discussion and closeness in your homes. I can’t think of a better way to do this than letting them get their hands dirty in the kitchen cooking with you. This is our first attempt at a video so please forgive us if it’s a little shaky on editing BUT Drew had a blast participating. You’ll get to hear a little about scrambled eggs, some football lessons, hear what his favorite thing to do at the grocery stores is... who one of his favorite mentors in the kitchen is and who makes the best homemade pizza in our family. I hope you’ll join us and maybe this will be a fun exercise you can do with your kiddos too! Drew’s apron and Chef’s hat featured in the video is from Kopper Kettle - The Kitchen Store in Durant!

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