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Citrus Blueberry Bread with Citrus Glaze

Cooking is a great stress reliever for me, with work being a little chaotic this past year I’ve been coming home and cooking or baking to decompress. Last night I had some ingredients that needed to be worked through and I had a box of Krusteaz blueberry muffin mix so here is what I came up with.

As per usual when working from a box mix, I subbed the water and oil ingredients for Fairlife milk (I prefer whole for baking but this skim needed to be used, be flexible in the kitchen if you have some items that need to be used due to short date) and Land O’ Lakes salted butter. I also substituted (or should say added, because I didn’t want to waste the can of blueberries that was included in the box) fresh blueberries that I’ve had in my fridge. I like my blueberry bread with lots of berries, I added near a cup. I also added a dab of vanilla. Now, I have found this next part to be a must... take whatever citrus you have, throw in a heaping teaspoon of zest and a squeeze of juice (I used orange and lemon this time but I’ve done just lemon before and even lime and it elevated the taste so much). Combine all ingredients and transfer to a greased loaf pan, bake for 40-45 minutes at 350 degrees. When your toothpick test comes out clean, cool on a wire cooking rack for 10 minutes and then I transfer mine to a baking dish. Now for the second part to make your blueberry bread a little bit more exciting.

Make a simple glaze out of powdered sugar and milk... you want it to be thick enough to taste sugary but runny enough to pour easily. Add some citrus juice to your glaze. Combine and then simply pour over your bread. I pour in two segments. Pour once, let sit for a few minutes to harden a bit and then pour round two... I just like the way it looks when it’s layered. (When I make banana bread I make this same glaze but I use coconut extract to flavor and it take everything to a different level). This bread is perfect with coffee for an easy and sweet breakfast! #thegrocerygal #betterthanbox #breakfastofchampions #blueberryeverything #glazing

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