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Better Than Box cake: Tips to elevate your box cake mix into something special.

Making it to Friday was a call for a celebration! After a long work week, I didn’t feel like making a cake from scratch, so next best thing right? Here are my tricks for making a box cake taste homemade.

1. Add a box of pudding mix (whatever compliments your box flavor... I added cheesecake. I also added 2 tsp of special dark chocolate cocoa),

2. Add an extra egg.

3. Substitute butter for the recommended amount of oil. Make sure you melt it first.

4. Substitute whole milk for the suggested amount of water.

5. Add in a few splashes of vanilla.

Follow the rest of the instructions on the box, (I always make sure to set my timer for the shortest suggested cooking time and then add more time as needed) and you’ve got yourself a quick treat for your family. I use this method a lot when im in a pinch for time. It’s perfect for quick cupcakes and cakes in a pinch. #thegrocerygal #bakersgonnabake #betterthanthebox #pillsbury

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